Alain Locke Charter School Associate Board raises over $25,000

The Alain Locke Associate Board wants to say a big THANK YOU to all who made gifts to the Exceed the Need campaign. Thanks to the generosity of friends, family and fans—and the help of a matching challenge grant—more than $25,000 was raised this school year. This will ensure students get the basic resources they need to make the school year the best it can be. Thanks again for your support!

Seventh Graders Bring Home Red Ribbon Awards

As the end of the school year draws near, Alain Locke students are making us proud by recognizing the contributions of past generations to American history.

Seventh-graders Michelle, Nylah, D’Shanti and Tiona brought home “Red Ribbon” awards from the Illinois History Day competition. The annual event is designed to promote the study of local and state history.

Michelle and Nylah presented on “The Radium Girls”—the group of women who aided U.S. soldiers during Word Wars I and II through their manufacturing of essential supplies. The radium-based substances with which the women worked caused adverse affects to their health, often leading to death.

D’Shanti and Tiona shined light on the hazards of the meat-packing industry, which were addressed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. Roosevelt’s Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act sought to eliminate poor conditions for workers while reducing health risks from food products for consumers.

The Illinois History Day competition was held at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield on May 3. Students grades 6-12 are invited to submit research papers, exhibits, documentaries, performances and websites to the competition each year.

Visit for more information on the Illinois History Day competition.

Taylor K. Shaw discusses keys to success in special school visit

On April 27, Alain Locke 7th graders enjoyed a visit from a special guest speaker—and Alain Locke graduate—who is working to change the landscape for black women in the entertainment industry.

Taylor K. Shaw (2008) is the founder of Black Girl Animators Collective. Shaw founded the collective to shine a light on the lack of diversity—particularly among black women—that exists in the animation industry today. “Black women in this industry are truly unicorns,” she told Teen Vogue in a recent interview.

Taylor spoke with the students about why it’s important to start pursuing the things they are passionate about now and to explore every possibility. Her advice: use your passions to find a career you love. 

Taylor also talked about how her Alain Locke experience prepared her with a great education and the confidence she needed to succeed in high school and then at Northwestern University. Ultimately, it led her to set out on the path she’s on today, showing that being true to your passions can lead to success.

Find out more about Taylor at Learn more about Black Girl Animators Collective at

Parent Resume Building with The Alain Locke Associate Board

In December the Alain Locke Associate Board held a resume building workshop with parents at the school. More than 25 Alain Locke parents attended. They were treated to dinner with their kids and associate board members, and then got one on one assistance and advice on how to create, update or improve their resumes, as well as job hunting tips. The evening was a great success, and another workshop will be held this coming Spring.

Snow Closure/ Extreme Weather Policy

Please note that Alain Locke Charter School follows the action of Chicago Public Schools.  If all Chicago Public Schools are closed due to extreme cold weather or snow then Alain Locke Charter School will also be closed.  

Please be sure to check your local media for weather updates and school closings.  You are welcome to contact the school or check out the school website for updates as well.