Sprout Social Beautification Project

Last Friday, Sprout Social brought 20 employees to Alain Locke Charter School who worked alongside the eighth graders to clean-up the playground. After a successful beautification project in October, Sprout Social had laid the playground foundation, added mulch, and provided benches for the school. Since then, the students have spent countless hours on the playground, wearing down the mulch. Sprout Social recognized the need and spent an afternoon at Alain Locke to bring it back to life.

After the school day ended, the eighth graders waited anxiously for Sprout Social to arrive and were ready to work. Sprout Social came prepared with shovels, buckets, gloves, snacks, water, and a large pile of mulch! With a lot of laughing and singing, they made sure to have fun while they worked hard.

In a couple hours, the crew was enjoying pizza while sitting around a beautiful, newly mulched playground. To celebrate their hard work, Sprout Social shared cupcakes with the students and surprised them with a new pair of sunglasses.

To sum up the day, Sprout Social brought to life the worn-down playground, the eighth graders completed community service hours, and everyone enjoyed a fun day in the sun. Alain Locke is very appreciative of the opportunity that Sprout Social has provided, and the students will be putting the new mulch to good use!

Thank you, Sprout Social!