See Photos From the 2023-24 Annual Science Fair at Alain Locke

Alain Locke hosted our Annual Science Fair at school last Friday, and our All-Stars blew it out of the water this year with their projects! so much evidence to back all of them up.

Just a few examples from the wide variety of topics our All-Stars showcased were: “What Makes Ice Melt Fastest?” “How Much Salt Does it Take to Make an Egg Float?” and “What Ingredient Will Get a Penny the Cleanest?” All of the projects were highly impressive, and with all of the evidence to back up their findings, it was clear to see that our All-Stars put in lots of hard work.

Big thanks to Mr. Krabill and Ms. Tisku for organizing this event and giving our All-Stars a great way to show off their science smarts!

Take a look at the photos below to see many of the projects from the day!

Click thumbnails to enlarge
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