Principal Patrick Love Presenting at the 2014 Illinois Charter School Conference

The 2014 Illinois Charter Schools Conference hosted by the Illinois Network of Charter Schools will take place on Monday, November 3 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile.  Mr. Love will be presenting on Alain Locke’s successful transition to implementing the Common Core.

Preparing for PARCC: What does Common Core really mean for our schools?
For months and even years, Common Core has been a national news item, policy debate, and political lightning rod. But at its heart, it is about teaching and learning. What will it mean for students and teachers in Illinois charter schools? This session will feature a national and local perspective on these questions. Sandra Alberti will share her perspective as a national leader in development of state assessments that will measure Common Core standards: where is this being done best and what does it look like? How can schools and districts capture what is best about these standards and avoid the challenges that Common Core detractors warn about? Pat Love, Principal at Alain Locke Charter School, a high performing charter school in Chicago, will share his learnings from Common Core implementation. This session will also look at the differences in a Common Core classroom of today versus a classroom 3-4 years ago, the challenges of Common Core and how others can ramp up their implementation of it.

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