Alain Locke Posts Top Results on Illinois PARCC Exams

Alain Locke Charter School is pleased to announced that our school earned the No. 1 proficiency rate on the PARCC exam among Illinois K-8 schools that serve predominantly African-American students.

Alain Locke posted a 44 percent composite proficiency rate on the 2018 PARCC exam, according to a comparison of Illinois school results. The average rate was just 12 percent for all other K-8 schools in the state serving a student body of 90 percent or more African-American students.

“We are very proactive about monitoring and tracking student mastery on an ongoing basis to address gaps between what was taught and what was learned,” said Principal Patrick Love, who has led the school for seven years. “We are always looking to up our game.”

Not only was Alain Locke the top-performing school among those whose students are predominantly black, the school also posted top results among charter schools.

Alain Locke posted the very best proficiency rate among all Chicago charter schools serving elementary and middle school students. Compared to Alain Locke’s 44 percent proficiency rate, the average rate among such schools was just 20 percent.

Other key PARCC exams results:

  • Alain Locke’s proficiency rate was among the top 15 percent of all Illinois K-8 schools
  • Alain Locke’s 44 percent proficiency rate was the best among all Illinois K-8 schools whose student body is 90 percent or more low-income students (the average proficiency rate among low-income schools was 14 percent)
  • Alain Locke successfully closed the achievement gap between African-American and white students in Illinois

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