Aerial view of the Alain Locke gymnasium for the 2019 Pre-Kwanzaa Program

Photos from the 2019 Pre-Kwanzaa Program

Alain Locke hosted our annual Pre-Kwanzaa Program on Wednesday, and this year’s program made for a particularly spectacular day with an incredible turnout.

The day featured a number of tremendous performances in which Alain Locke students of all grade levels depicted the seven principles of Kwanzaa through skits, songs, music and dance.

Are you familiar with the seven principles of Kwanzaa? They are:

  1. Umoja – to work together to ensure the prosperity of one’s family, community, nation and race
  2. Kujichagulia – to be ambitious in shaping one’s own future
  3. Ujima – to work with others to strengthen the community
  4. Ujamaa – to create and support local businesses
  5. Nia – to act with a sense of purpose
  6. Kuumba – to use one’s own creativity to contribute to the community
  7. Imani – to demonstrate faith in one’s ancestors, parents, leaders and teachers

We captured a ton of really great pics from Wednesday’s event, too. Check them out below (click thumbnails to enlarge).

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