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Your Complete Guide for At-Home Learning Activities

As we all get settled in for an extended time away from school, Alain Locke would like to share a few resources to help keep students busy learning at home.

To get things started, the Kids Activities blog has published a list of educational websites that are offering free subscriptions during the time of widespread school closures across the country. The list features 120 different websites, as well as fun activities and ideas for students.

In addition to this great offering from Kids Activities, check out some more resources for at-home learning below.

Alain Locke’s Computer-Based School Options

In case you missed it, Alain Locke instructors have already sent home the list of websites students regularly use at school.

If you experience trouble logging in to any of the sites below, please email Principal Love at for assistance.



Study Island



Khan Academy

Additional Online Options From Alain Locke

The following educational websites are not typically used in class, but are also some great resources for learning at home.


National Geographic Kids

TIME for Kids


Bill Nye

Learning Games For Kids

Daily At-Home Art Projects

Alain Locke Art Instructor Ms. Choate is providing at-home art projects each and every day of the extended school closure. Check out her social media channels for some really awesome opportunities to get creative:

-YouTube: Marisa Choate

-Facebook: @Choate Studio

-Instagram: @choatestudio

Chicago Public Schools Enrichment Learning Resources

Chicago Public Schools has organized educational enrichment activities for pre-K through eighth-graders during the time of school closures. Find your grade-level packet at:

Illinois State Board of Education Recommendations

In addition to these great resources above, the Illinois State Board of Education has detailed some helpful recommendations for parents and educators to help make the most of students’ time at home.

Head over to for their recommendations.

We hope that you will make use of these great educational resources listed above. Please stay healthy and safe, and we look forward to seeing you all next month!

for the 2023-2024 school year is now open!