Alain Locke Music Residency: Partnering with Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University

We have some exciting news to share – Alain Locke has just been approved for a partnership with Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University for their “Too Hot to Handel Music Residency” at no cost to the school!

Residencies are comprised of five one-hour sessions led by a teaching artist for 30 select students. Students will explore the music of “Too Hot to Handel: The Jazz Gospel Messiah” and its connection to Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of “beloved community”, learning about his advocacy of cooperative nonviolence as a means of change. By working as a classroom community to create a unique music composition, students are challenged to make active choices as an ensemble and as individuals that change the “sounds” of their own communities. At the end of the residency, students will perform their final piece in a demonstration of their own “beloved community”.

The student matinee will be January 12th at 11:00am at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Theatre, 50 E. Congress Parkway. The image of this auditorium is below.

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