A Statement From Principal Love on the Nashville School Shooting

Dear Families,

The Alain Locke Family is deeply saddened by yesterday’s mass shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville. Unfortunately, as we all know, it’s only the latest case of what has become a far too common occurrence in our country.

No school should be a place where life ends. Our children deserve to grow up in a world that encourages their curiosity, celebrates their happiness, and ultimately keeps them safe so they can grow up one day to make a difference. And the staff that helps those children get there shouldn’t have to fear doing what they love, either.

None of us can even begin to express how brokenhearted we are that this keeps happening. Thoughts and prayers are empty words if we keep letting our children suffer this trauma as part of their experience growing up.

Hug your friends and family. Be good to each other.


Principal Patrick Love