Alain Locke Charter School, founded by brothers and former teachers Pat and Rob Ryan, opened its doors in September 1999 to provide world class educational opportunities for children in high poverty, high crime areas where traditional public schools fail most. Named after the first African American Rhodes Scholar, Alain Locke Charter School is guided by the principle of absolute excellence and dedicated to producing globally competitive students.


The mission of Alain Locke Charter School is to serve as a demonstration for urban schools exemplifying excellence in academics, the arts, personal and social development, and producing students who are globally competitive.

Alain Locke Charter School is one of the country’s most successful charter schools. Since 2006, Alain Locke Charter School has been named a Spotlight School by the Illinois State Board of Education, a distinction which is given to schools serving a population of at least 50% low-income students with 85% passing state reading and mathematics tests. In 2007, the school was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as 1 of 7 schools in the United States “Best Closing the Achievement Gap.” This recognition was earned by having Alain Locke Charter School’s students achieve the greatest test score gains in Chicago in the history of Illinois’s State Achievement Test (ISAT). During the 2012-2013 academic year, the ISAT, along with standardized tests throughout the country, incorporated Common Core questions into their testing. While scores dropped nationally, Alain Locke Charter School continued to see growth, even with the more challenging test.

Alain Locke Charter School is part of Accelerate Institute, which maintains the singular focus of closing the achievement gap by creating high-impact school leaders that accelerate student achievement. Alain Locke is one of  four innovative programs: The Ryan Fellowship, which identifies and selects the most highly qualified educators, and prepares them through a yearlong fellowship to become transformational leaders for urban charter schools nationwide; Partner Principal program, which trains sitting principals alongside Ryan Fellows; The Ryan Award, a national award recognizing principals who have demonstrated accelerated results in underserved schools; and Alain Locke Charter School. To learn more about the Accelerate Institute, please visit www.accelerateinstitute.org.


>Admission to Alain Locke Charter School is by blind lottery. Applications are available on this website and at the school office in January of each year. The blind lottery is held in early spring for all applications received by the stated application deadline.LOTTERY APPLICATION 2015-2016

Leadership Team

Patrick Love


Vonyell Foster

Dean of Students and Operations

Mia Stokes

Higher Education and Career Counselor

Eboni Harris

Case Manager

Jeanette Porter

School Manager