Report Card Pick-Up Reminder: September 16th

Conference requests are going home today. Please be sure to set up an appointment time with your child’s instructor for Report Card Pick-Up Day on Friday, September 16th.

This will be an opportunity for you to learn more about how your child is doing at school. During your conference, your child’s instructor will offer details about your child’s work and progress so far this school year. Your child’s instructor will also share your child’s most recent assessment results and talk about specific ways you can help your child at home. It is recommended to take notes during the conference and ask for an explanation if you don’t understand something.

After report card pick-up, think about what your child’s instructor has said and be sure to follow up at a later time. If your child’s instructor has informed you that your child needs to work on certain areas, please be sure to check in later to see how things are going.


Patrick R. Love
Principal, Alain Locke Charter School

The inter-session will be from September 19th to September 30th. Make sure your child completes the intercession packets and reads daily during their school break.